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Sejarahnya gan..:
Pada tanggal 4 Mei 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, managing director Guinness Brewery, berpikir bahwa sebuah buku menyediakan jawaban atas pertanyaan-pertanyaan sebuah rekor itu bisa populer.

Edisi 197-halaman pertama dari “Guinness Book of Records” dibuat pada 27 Agustus 1955, dan terus ke puncak daftar buku terlaris Inggris. Lebih dari 400 juta eksemplar telah terjual sejak edisi pertama. Yang paling terakhir adalah “Guinness World Records 2010.” Berikut ini adalah daftar catatan Guinness menarik yang pasti akan memukau!!

1. Fastest 100-meter hurdles wearing swim fins, individual, female

Extreme Guinness World Records:

The fastest 100-meter hurdles wearing swim fins by a female is 22.35 seconds. It was achieved by Maren Zönker of Germany in Cologne, Germany, on Sept. 13, 2008.

2. Most people dressed as Smurfs

Extreme Guinness World Records:

The most people dressed as Smurfs was 1,253 and was achieved by the Muckno Mania Festival in Castleblayney, Co Monaghan, Ireland, on July 18, 2008.

3. Largest rubber band ball

Extreme Guinness World Records:

Joel Waul, pictured, of the United States pushes his bouncing creation.The largest rubber band ball, which weighs 4,097 kilograms (9,032 pounds), was measured in Lauderhill, Fla., Nov. 13, 2008.

4. Largest pocket knife

Extreme Guinness World Records:

The world’s largest pocket knife measures 3.9 meters (12 feet, 8 inches) when open, and weighs a total of 122 kilograms (268.9 pounds). It was designed by Telmo Cadavez of Bragança, Portugal, and handmade by Virgilìo, Raúl and Manuel Pires of Portugal, Jan. 9, 2003.

5. Heaviest lemon

Extreme Guinness World Records:

The world’s heaviest lemon weighed in at 5.265 kilograms (11 pounds, 9.7 ounces) on Jan. 8, 2003, and was grown by Aharon Shemoel on his farm in Kfar Zeitim, Israel.

6. Tightest frying pan roll

Extreme Guinness World Records:
The tightest circumference of a 30 centimeter (12-inch) aluminium frying pan, rolled with bare hands in 30 seconds is 17.46 centimeters (6.87 inches), set by Scott Murphy at the NXB Team Training Center in Myrtle Beach, S.C., on July 30, 2007.

7. Longest fingernails, both hands

Extreme Guinness World Records:
Melvin Booth (left) of Troy, Mich., had a combined fingernail length is 9.05 meters (29 feet, 8.3 inches). Lee Redmond(right), who had not cut her nails since 1979 and had them carefully manicured to reach a total length of 8.65 meters (28 feet, 4.5 inches), lost them when they broke off in a car accident in February.

Story :

Woman with longest nails loses them in a crash

Lee Redmond, who held a Guinness World Record for her more than 28-foot-long fingernails before they broke off in a car crash, says it was the most dramatic event of her life. But the 68-year-old also admits that things are much easier without them.

8. Heaviest jicama (yam bean) [Indonesia]

Extreme Guinness World Records:
The heaviest Jicama weighs 21 kilograms (46 pounds, 4.8 ounces) and was grown by Leo Sutisna in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Sementara segini dulu yah gan..

besok ane Update deh..


9. Most beer steins carried over 40 meters, female

Extreme Guinness World Records:

The most beer steins carried over 40 meters (131 feet, 3 inches) by a female is 19. This was achieved by Anita Schwarz in Mesenich, Germany, on Nov. 9, 2008, in celebration of Guinness World Records Day.

10. Largest collection of ‘Do Not Disturb’ hotel signs

Extreme Guinness World Records:
Jean-François Vernetti of Switzerland has collected 8,888 different ‘Do Not Disturb’ hotel signs from 189 countries across the world since 1985.

11. Longest distance on a unicycle in 24 hours

Extreme Guinness World Records:
Sam Wakeling covered 453.6 kilometers (281.85 miles) on a unicycle in a 24-hour period at Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom, from Sept. 29-30, 2007.

12. Most T-shirts worn at once

Extreme Guinness World Records:
The record for the most T-shirts worn at once is 227 and was achieved by Jef Van Dijck in an attempt organized by Unizo in Brecht, Belgium, on April 24, 2008.

13. Most Mentos in soda fountains

Extreme Guinness World Records:
The most Mentos and soda fountains achieved in the same place is 1,911, and was conducted by the people of Latvia and students of TURIBA in Riga, Latvia, on June 19, 2008.

14. Stretchiest skin

Extreme Guinness World Records:
Garry Turner of Great Britain is able to stretch the skin of his stomach to a length of 15.8 centimeters (6.25 inches) due to a rare condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a disorder of the connective tissues affecting the skin, ligaments and internal organs. The collagen that strengthens the skin and determines its elasticity becomes defective, resulting in, among other things, a loosening of the skin and hypermobility of the joints. In more serious cases, it can cause the fatal collapse or rupturing of blood vessels.

15. Largest display of Star Wars clone troopers built with interlocking plastic bricks

Extreme Guinness World Records:
The world’s largest display of LEGO® Star Wars™ clone troopers was composed of 35,310 individual models and was built by LEGO® in Slough, U.K., on June 27, 2008.

16. Largest collection of clocks

Extreme Guinness World Records:
The largest collection of clocks belongs to Jack Schoff of the U.S., who has amassed 1,094 different clocks as of June 17, 2008.

17. Full body ice contact endurance

Extreme Guinness World Records:
The longest time spent in direct, full-body contact with ice is 1 hour 42 minutes and 22 seconds by Wim Hof of the Netherlands on Jan. 23, 2009.

18. Largest chalk pavement art

Extreme Guinness World Records:
The largest chalk pavement art measures 8,361.31 meters (90,000 feet) and was created by 5,678 children from schools in Alameda, Calif., for the Kids’ Chalk Art Project between May 27 and June 7, 2008.

19. Fastest motorcycle handlebar wheelie

Extreme Guinness World Records:
The fastest speed achieved during a wheelie on the handlebars of a motorcycle is 173.81 km/h (108 mph) by Enda Wright in Elvington, York, U.K., on July 11, 2006.

20. Longest skis

Extreme Guinness World Records:
The longest skis are 534 meters (1,751 feet, 11 inches) long and were worn by 1,043 skiers in an event organized by Danske Bank on Drottninggatan in Öorebro, Sweden, on Sept. 13, 2008.
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